Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kkotboda Namja a.k.a Boys Before Flowers

Yes.. at last, at home i can watch this drama Kkotboda Namja..
Yeah b4 this i already post about it which one are better...
hurm.. still i can't jugde it. This drama must be watch if you korean hard fans drama..
I'm also a fan for korean drama but i more prefer Hana Yori Dango perhaps..

I like Joon Pyo character, the hair curly,curly perm?? but when he straighten the hair whoa.. i like it haha.. Most probably people always like Rui a.k.a Ji Hoo character. But for me from HYD, i always like Tsukasa than Rui and it's same to KN. For Joon Pyo the arrogant is there but the dummy character are not enough. Look at Tsukasa how baka his language in HYD. The only one.. main character, Jan Di or Makino.. hurm always and always, Makino in my heart. Although Jan Di plays her own character but i still like the japanese hehehe...

I still watch this drama can't wait, hurm.. i think i will download it. 
I not like their ost but some of the song had catch my ear to hear it like SHINee - Stand By Me and SS501 - Because I'm Stupid. Yeah i already download those songs.. argh make me can't wait to see it until the end.. 

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