Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gokusen The Movie can't wait!!!

What about this? Yes.. it's true. Gokusen The Movie..
This Movie will show this July,11
So much unexpected things..
Hahaha... Kame acts in this movie as new teacher??

Here the Trailer Gokusen The Movie..

What.. matsujun and akanishi jin not in there..
Only have Shun oguri, Narimiya Hiroki, Hayami Mokomichi, Keiko Teppei and some of others.. (not know their name)

I want matsujun in this movie.. but it doesn't matter lah.. coz have Shun..
I want to watch it.. want to know what happens to Yankumi..
They will protect who is important to their life~

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Rain!!

OMG!!! how did i forgot his BIRTHDAY???
WHY??? Owh no.. I can't say that i'm his fan T_T..
Owh man.. how did i forget about him..
argh shame for me..
Now he 27 years old.. oh not too old for me.. hahaha..
Yeah i so..so.. late to wish for him.. but argh.. i'm his fans..
Oppa.. i wish u have a great day in ur life..
I will support u no matter how.. Aja Aja Fighting!
With Love ur Biggest FANS!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Yuna Ito - Ima Demo Aitai Yo Mp3 Download

Yuna Ito album Dream

It's been late to post it..
I already post about Yuna Ito, but this for Mp3 download...
I have all the song in the album but i don't want to upload it.
Just this song i upload and share to others....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

[Single] Big Bang - My Heaven Download

Yeah.. it's already releases.. i've been waiting for it~

It's all individual link..

>> ps.. do comment back to me<<

Joo Ji Hoon will do 120 hours community service.

I'm sure everybody knows what happens to Joo Ji Hoon.
When he got caught took drugs, the law will not let him go away...

As the source i got from popseoul:

The Korean justice system does not look kindly on people who do drugs.

But this is a bit ridiculous! Even someone who gets caught without a driver’s license gets a 1 million won fine and 2 years suspension of their driving privileges…..

Actor Joo Ji-hoon got slapped with a 6 month sentence, 1 year probation, 120 hours of community work and a measly 360,000 won fine (about 300 USD). The sentence was handed out this morning at 10am on June 23rd by the Seoul Central District Court. According to Korean law,a jail sentence of less than a year can be substituted as part of the mandatory military service. If the sentence was more than a year, jail time would have to served in addition to military service. So, in this case, military service is a better option than jail time.

What can i say now is.. his career will go down..

8Eight - Golden Age Full Album Download link

Yeah.. as the title.. is about 8Eight..
I know is too late to post about this group.. but whateva...
Actually i already heard their song Without A Heart last month,
but i didn't search for it.. argh.. too lazy for search.
At last i got it full album..
For me their names is nothing but after i think it back.. they only 3 person..
but must why 8?? LoL i don't care hahaha...

This album have 10 tracks
1. 내 삶의 빛 :Nae Salmui Bit (The Light Of My Life) (Intro)
2. 불쌍한 해바라기 : Bulssanghan Haebaragi (Poor Sunflower)
3. 참지마 : Chamjima (Don't Endure)
5. 이제 슬픈건 충분해 : Seulpeungeon Chungbunhae (The Sadness Is Now Enough)
6. Numbers
7. Can't Stop
8. 사랑한다면서 : Saranghandamyeonseo (You Said You Loved Me)
9. 마중 : Majung (Meeting)
10. 자유 : Jayu (Freedom)

MV for Without A Heart.. hurm what can i say.
First time i watch it, i didn't know what the meaning of the MV!!
After i watch subbed.. then ahh.. so sad..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New PV Yui - Sea

Hurm.. what to say.. i like to say it is a new pv...

but some of the Yui lover forums said it just a staff do the pv..

but i don't care it's good and worth to watch...

Here the link to watch it...

Yui - Sea

Kehidupan yang membosankan...

Yup.. cuti sem dah nak abis dah...

tapi blaja keta pun x abis lg.. pe hal..

dah boring dok umah.. suh abg aku ajar men gitar..

time nk blaja lak tenet wat hal ish..ish..ish...

nak jadi cam yui x leh lak....

nape la time2 ni aku bru nk blaja men gitar...

padahal mse aku darjah 6 lg abg aku suh men tp aku cakap jari pendek x leh main..

ble dah besar pnjg bru ada keinginan main blk..

tp tu lah dah t'lbh tua lak rse nk main gitar...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Not a new movie but worth to watch!

Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru

This movie, my friend said to me..
"Have you watch Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru?"
I said "Hurm.. no whose play the role?"
"Dunno"Then i search for it..Tamaki Hiroshi and Aoi Miyazaki
I think it intersting, my friend said it sad..
Then i watch it yes it was a sad movie..


"She used to lie very often."

Due to his inferiority complex, Makoto shies away from other people, but Shizuru manages to make him open up to her. Because of their friendship, Shizuru takes interest in photography and they often go to a forest, partially hidden from the public, to take photos.

Shizuru wants nothing but to be at Makoto's side. When Makoto starts liking a college friend Miyuki, Shizuru decides that she too will like Miyuki and becomes her friend.

One day, Makoto asks Shizuru what birthday present she would like. With her interest in a photography contest, Shizuru wants a photo of them kissing in the hidden forest.

Since that day of the forest kiss Shizuru disappears from Makoto's life.

[Single] Yui - Again Individual Download link

Yui single Again are releases 3.6.09
I though the single was already releases.. but it just a few days ago.
2. Sea

Here the link --> Yui-Again [Single] (broken)

Here i give the link for the live recording version of Again...
Between live and original, i more prefer to live version.. cool dowh..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm tired!

Huh, this 3 days i've been a babysitter..
Gosh..  i'm tired right now.
How can i be not tired coz i had to watch out two little nephew.
Argh.. them made me angry everytime..
But i love them yeah..
Here they are....

Arif & Ashraf

Both of them are naughty.. i'm tired..
got to go.. wanna sleep..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Songs: various artist

Yeah.. i had found new japan songs.. actually it's already old T-T
But i just want to share with others..

Firstly Yuna Ito, she release new album Dream.
In this album have 12 track, new song mostly i heard right now is Ima Demo Aitai Yo feat Spontania.
I fell in love to this song coz the mv is so.. hurm.. what can i say..
The song also good. I know Yuna Ito is a ballad singer but this song.. it really in my mind.
Niceshot! Here the mv

Second is NewS. This is late but i want to post it.
NewS with new single Koi No ABO. In this single have 5 tracks.
When i first heard Koi No ABO i said, this is like 70's.. but cool dowh...
And i watch their mv and bwahahaha.. not bad. Here the mv.

Hurm.. third i wanna share about Arashi.. yes i love Arashi!
I just say love but i didn't update to their song *sad*
There are 2 new songs i hear
1. Crazy Moon (they dance in the mv)
2. Ashita No Kioku (slow song)
It's been a while i didn't know about Arashi what i know Matsujun is play a role in Smile hahaha what a shame..
Here the mv for Crazy Moon. I didn't put Ashita no Kioku coz i don't want hahaha..

Last is Yui. Ahh.. i want to be like her!!! Yes i admire her.
Actually i already post about Yui. Still song Again, op for Fullmetal Alchemist.
Yes, she HOT!!!! what can i say if i really like her..
Here the mv watch it! Actually i like the live recording version cool!

And also i currently watch Big Bang - My Heaven. What i wanna say is, why didn't i hear Heaven?
But why i hear My Heaven???