Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[New Song] YUI -Rain (Mp3 Download)

Yeah finally i've been waiting it releases and..
I got it!!! I really love her and her song..
Totally I can't resist it..
Before this i already post the video of Rain..
I think it didn't work coz of the rights..
I post it here again..

Rain (love it!!!)

Track in the Rain single:
1. Rain

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2NE1 - 아파 (It Hurts)

I really love this song It Hurts~
This song track from album To Anyone
Also in To Anyone have Can't Nobody, Go Away and many more..
But only this I really love...

It Hurts Music Video

It Hurts live version

Translation It Hurts
[CL] You wear the shoes I gave you and walk along the streets with her
As if it were nothing, you kiss her
You spray the cologne I gave you and embrace her
You'll probably repeat those promises you made to me with her

[Minzy] It seems that we're already too late
Has our love already ended
Please at least say anything to me
We truly loved each other, can't turn back?

[Dara] I'm the only one hurting tonight

[Bom] Have you changed?
Am I no longer in your heart now?
When I, I think about you
It hurts, hurts, hurts so much

[Minzy] You look at my tears as if it were nothing
You continue to talk calmly again
[CL] You told me cruely that you couldn't deny
That you had absolutely no attachments or regrets

[Bom] Are we already too late? Is our love over?
Even if it's a lie, please tell me it isn't so
I can do better now, though we can't meet again

[Dara] I'm the only one in pain tonight

[CL] Have you changed?
Am I no longer in your heart now?
When I, I think about you
It hurts, hurts, hurts so much

[Minzy] You're no longer your old self
[CL] Because the you I loved
And the you now are so different
[Dara] Are you that shocked?
I just stood and cried
Watching you become further away
[Bom] No way, I can't recognize
You're not mine anymore

[Dara] Did you have to change?
Can't you come back?
Did you really have to change?
Can't you come back?

Did you have to change?
Can't you come back?
Why did you have to change?
Can't you keep loving me?

[Bom] Oh, is this the end?
Am I no longer in your heart now?
When I, I think about you
[Minzy] It hurts, hurts, hurts so much

[Minzy] It hurts, it hurts
[CL] It hurts, it hurts

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mary Stayed Out All Night OST & Orange Caramel [Download]

New songs are coming...
Here I just upload certain songs to everyone..

Marry Stayed Out All Night Ost

2. TRAX - Tell Me Your Love (good song.. like it!)
3. Jang Geun Suk - Butakhae My Bus! [Take care My bus!] (love it but why the title like that?)
4. Jang Geun Suk - My Precious (slow but lovely songs)

Orange Caramel - Second mini album

1. 아잉♡ (A~ing♡) - This song is cute (^_^)

Video A~ing

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh Won Bin - 사랑해 또 사랑해 (Saranghae tto Saranghae / I Love You and I Love You) Download

I didn't expect that he's going solo... Waaa.. really miss him~ :p
After he left FT Island.. this is the second song i hear from him..
First is in You're Beautiful OST featuring with miss..
This song.. hurm.. what i gonna say is good.. ok.. and i like it!
Totally his voice is good and then Miryo from BEG rapping totally awesome..

Download link
1. 사랑해 또 사랑해 feat Miryo(BEG)

Video I Love You and I Love You

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crazy about korean drama~

What the tut... hahaha..
I still remember the first korean drama i watched was Winter Sonata and it's a HIT!
I wanna talk about new drama or not so new to certain people...
Now I'm fallin in love with KIM HYUN JOONG!!!! Kyaaa~

Playful Kiss aka Jangnanseureon Kiss

Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo
Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni

First i didn't want to watch this drama but after my friend asked me that i have this drama or not..
Then i try to look out what about this drama..
Then after i watch it.. yah.. it's romantic sweet couple of teenagers.. (^_^)
I recommend this drama to whom did not watch it yet...

Then new drama at KBS channel...
Mary Stayed Out All Night aka MaeRineun Oebakjong

Jang Geun Suk (You're Beautiful as Tae Kyung)
Moon Geun Young ( Cinderella's Sister as Eun Jo)
Kim Jae Wook (Coffee Prince who made waffles)

This is new drama and i didn't know how good the story can be..
Hopefully it is fun and interesting~

If anyone want to watch korean or japanese drama can go to these site
Dramacrazy or Mysoju .. I much prefer Dramacrazy over Mysoju

Hopefully readers will enjoys it!