Thursday, February 17, 2011

IU, getting my attention~

Past a year and half I think.. I was watch one of her song called Marshmallow..
Then.. I ask myself.. who is this girl? Didn't know who she is.. also the song not get my attention so much...
Whose know that she will rise like now...
Actually when first I saw her, she's cute also with the song Marshmallow.. but till now I can't like so much that song..
After that, I didn't think she will get my attention like now.. since she was younger than me 3 years.. I didn't expect anything from her...

But then, last year she get the spot when she sang a song with Seulong 2AM..
First I heard Jansori or Nagging still I didn't realise that she is the one who sang Marshmallow..
Till I search for it hehehehe...
Yup, Nagging are one of my fav song since Seulong sang it ^-^
Her voice is cute in nagging and her face too!!
Here the video of Nagging~

Not end at there.. then she releases album called REAL..
Then with my thought she will not win in the k-charts but I was wrong till I heard that song...
Good Day or Joheun Nal.. it really2 a lovely and a good song..
And I never thought she will sing like that.. with 3 octave (what the hell is that.. sorry I never learn about it) which I just heard from other website...
Also Good Day is my fav song....

Now she so famous since she plays the role in Dream High as Kim Pil Suk and she sang a song which is Someday.. and I really like that song (even it said plagiarized song)
Ahah... now I really like her.. and regretting what I'm thinks about her...

Now I envy her since she can sing well, good in acting, cutie pie and also have ability playing guitar.. Here a bonus of video.. she plays guitar and sang acoustic for Gee, Lies and Sorry Sorry..

Enjoy reading readers~

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Life~

Right now it's 1 A.M in the mornink.. yet I'm still awake and type this which is not necessarily thing in my life :-p
I just want to share my though in this few days since.. I think I will not update my blog recently...
Argh!!! my studies is important for me but.. what have I done? I always play around and not focus in my studies...
Gosh.. now already in February, my exam in April.. what I'm gonna do??
I have to speed up my study but.... will I have enough time to make it?
I can do it.. Go Go Go.. Ganbate kudasai Naq~ Hwaiting!! hahahaha...

Yup I must focus in my study.. but how can I focus since I really like to watch drama..
Online facebook, playing cityville at facebook, hear music owh... so many things I like to do but no to book WHAT? BOOK? Man.. I really should love book but when I start to read it... huargh.. I'm yawning coz of the book.. not for mathematical books..
Yes.. this last semester.. my subject full of reading material.. counting? not more than 20%?
Why must best drama is now airing? Such as Dream High, My Princess and mostly.. Vampire Diaries.. I can't wait to watch new episode of them.. how I will study with my brain full of these drama? I must always close my laptop or get rid from my sight.. gulp.. NOOO!!!
It is my life~ I can't live without comp or laptop.. do I? maybe not less 3 Day..

But I know.. whatever I do.. there will be a way to get it..
Like the Song InsyaAllah from Maher Zain
"InsyaAllah you'll find your way"
I just need to hardwork in order to get what I want... Then Allah will lead me.. InsyaAllah~ Amin~
Here just to give me the strength..

Enjoy it!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dream High Vs My Princess

Asa~ hahaha.. in the middle of midnight.. I start to write again.. man..
I really should stop my habits.. always to stay up until the midnight.. not good for my health!!
Actually.. I currently watch My Princess in the time Dream High.. Yup My Princess..
I wandering.. When will I stop to follow k-drama and back to j-drama?
I think when j-drama have the best story line like Hana Yori Dango.. Yaa.. I really miss that drama..
Back to the track.. In the time.. I watch these 2 drama..
Dream High with highest ranking in Korea.. well I admit this drama is interesting and My Princess also have the own attraction to the viewers..
For me, these 2 drama are interesting.. Dream High is about to become a superstar, world star.. My Princess is about the nation have found their Royal family and want to keep it..

Dream High, mostly people watch this drama.. yup I'm totally fallen to the drama..
Why not u're fallen to this drama? This drama have Teacyeon and Wooyoung from 2PM arghh!!!
Sweet cute IU, maknae from Miss A; Suzy, T-Ara leader; Ham Eun Jung and last but not least is Kim Soo Hyun.. I can't wait.. who will be the world star K.. I predict it will be Jin Gook..
Ahaha.. love the love story about Jason and Pilsook.. so sweet.. hehehe..

Teacyeon as Jin Gook or Hyun Shi hyuk
Wooyoung as Jason
Kim Soo Hyun as Song Samdong
Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Beak Hee
Suzy as Go Hyemi
IU as Kim Pilsook

Here I also provide mp3 to download from Dream High OST..
I already have most of song in the drama.. but only 2 I upload.. Actually I have song from Sunye Wonder Girls but I forget to upload it..

My Princess, honestly.. I just watched this drama in this week and I currently watched episode 8..
Wah really fast.. I didn't know that I can catch up this drama.. yeah probably coz I'm in the middle of holiday time also there is not a lot of assignment to do..
We all know that south korea didn't have royal family or king.. but this drama is about it..
The decent of king is still alive and yet coz of the promise, he must reconstruct back the palace and others thing.. hurm.. in my mind.. I think she will drop her status of being princess..

Kim Tae Hee as Lee Seol or princess
Song Seung Hun as Park Hae Young
Park Ye Jin as Oh Yoon Ju
Ryu Soo Young as Nam Jung Woo or professor


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Randomize songs [MP3 Download]

Yup.. I upload some of the song.. and random pick to post it here...
Much of the song are already upload everywhere.. but I didn't have any song yet..
So I upload it here...

First is from BEAST kyaa!!! I start to like them from song Soom..
Single of My Story.. Tracklist

Then it is MBLAQ.. Oh Yeah..Oh Yeah..
Full album Blaq Style.. I just give 2 song from that album
- Cry

Who like the drama Secret Garden??? Me.. Me.. Me..
Ahaha... Just what I like.. I upload and post it here..
Gosh.. love the drama :D

Yes.. Yui is back.. It is nearly 3 months since single Rain released..
I didn't get bored from Yui..
This new single.. It is different from the previous song...
Maybe it a little same like CHE.R.RY coz the song is catchy and the video is colourful..

Here I post too the video Yui - Its My Life

It is very different from the other song that produce by Yui.. Yui Rockzz.. hehehe

Hope readers like it..