Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2PM is back!!! with Hands Up album~

At last... after they tease us with the teaser of Hands Up.. it releases..
I've been waiting it for a week I think for the album releases, and it worth...

Hands Up is different from their previous single and album..
Yup it's club style, I admit it even for the first time I think it's not 2PM style...
But I can accept it ;P
In Hands Up there are 13 track which is 8 are the new song and the other are from their single..

6. Hot
7. Without U
8. I'll Be Back
9. I Can't
10. Hands Up (Remix)
11. Electricity (Remix)
12. Thank You
13. Don't Stop Can't Stop

I love all the song from this album, mostly Hands Up tracklist...
Before this I already post about this album and I apologize coz only Junho and Junsu have composed a song in this album and not include Wooyoung.
Junho composed track no 3. Give It To Me and Junsu composed no 6. Hot
Overall, I really like this album most of them, and try to get into the club style of 2PM hahaha...

Here the mv for Hands Up

Hope Hottest buy the original of their CD OK!

* Download link available for some song only*

Thursday, June 16, 2011

[Info] Rania, 2PM 2nd Album, FT Island & Beast

Hurm... not much to update...
Also some info is outdated hahaha but just to share..

Did anyone know girl group Rania?
Actually I just know them last month coz of the song Dr. Feel Good..
Their song I think some kind of dirty but.. I don't know didn't look for the translation..
But the song is good.. Now I really like this group Rania...
Here the song Dr. Feel Good

They just comeback with new song named Masquerade...
First not so into the song but now.. Hell Yeah!!! hahaha...
Here the song Masquerade (Korean Version)

Masquerade (English Version)

Now time for 2PM!!! Yeaahhhh!!!!

They comeback to Korea... They will releases 2nd Album named Hands Up!!!!
Woww... I can't wait.. but much song already hear like Without U, Don't Stop Can't Stop, I Can't and others...
Also in the album will have song composed by Junsu, Junho and Wooyoung...
Wow.. gonna buy their CD hahaha....
Here the teaser for Hands Up

Then, FT Island not so new song Hello Hello and Beast Fiction...
Nothing much just wanna share coz I really love this 2 songs...
For FT Island and Beast you can watch on Youtube...

Hope Enjoy!!!