Friday, February 20, 2009

New Songs... upset with the wireless..

FT Island -Jump Up

I wanna cry when i know FT Island had releases new mini album Jump Up.. argh.. why so not updated? and with this new mini album, Won Bin never longer be member of FTI. Why?? They said coz Won Bin had interest to other music?? Why? So there a new replacement member name Song Seung Hyun.. i didn't know much but he is 16! same age with Min Hwan.. I didn't hear all the song yet..


1- Bad Woman

2- Like A Doll

3- Magic

4- Missing You

5- What Can I Do

I also found new song from Arashi - Believe.. I thinks it for drama or movie names Yatterman?

I didn't look carefully and just found it...

I recently hear:

1. Girl's Generation - Gee
2. Big Bang - Stylish (The FILA)
3. SS501 - Because I'm Stupid
4. FT Island - Bad Woman

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