Sunday, April 5, 2009

ARGH... I'm too BOROS!!!

Two days i have been going out and spend my money to...
It almost RM200 i spending my money to buy my stuff, but i not so regret it..
The most important thing i bought yesterday is, RAINISM 5th ALBUM (later i edit it)
I though i didn't buy it but yesterday i set my mind and i should buy it!
And YES!! i got it.. ahh.. I had already hear it, but still can't play it repeated..

Today, the second day i hangout with my friend and we watch a movie.
This movie i really want to see, i know it's too late to said it but
The character, i didn't remember some of it.. but when watching it, which one is bla..bla..
Almost 6 year (i think) i didn't watch this anime.. it's a long anime and story.
i like the anime... but for this movie, it's too simple.
When come to the end i said to my friend, "Sekejapnyer cerita ni, tak sampai 2 jam"
But it's worth to watch it.

Skang banyak pulak cerita;movie yang nak masuk wayang..
Dah la nak final exam, tapi aku masih nak tengok cerita2 baru.
'Jangan Tegur', 'Sayang You Can dance", maybe 'Talen Time' and 'Fast and Furious 4'
Tak tahulah bila nak tengok.. kalu pas abis exam memang tak dapat tengok la..
Harap2 aku ada masa dan dapat support cerita2 yang aku nak tengok dari piracy "DOWNLOAD"!!

Wah ini tak boleh jadi.. aku semakin boros. Aku perlukan guide supaya duit aku tak terbang melayang..

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