Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's been awhile... gosh i'm tired!

Yeah, it's been awhile i didn't post anything....
After this i can update with my fav yuhuu.. b'coz it's sem break!
But it's a long break... will be 8 weeks huh...
What will i do?
1- watch japanese drama n movie
2- watch korean drama n movie
3- update my fav songs
4- playing ps2 wanna dance hahaha...
5- hangout with my bestie
6- help my family perhaps
7- out with my lovely sis
8- nothing to do on9..

right now, what i been update is YUI..
yes, she has a new songs called AGAIN
it's been use for (FMA) Full Metal Alchemist
yet, Yui is the best! The song yes energetic n always in my head..
YUi! YUI! I Love YUI!!

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