Friday, September 25, 2009

What NEWS???

Huh.. it's been while i didn't write to my blog since fasting month until now Eid Mubarak aka Hari Raya...
Gosh.. think about Eid Mubarak i can't help myself to forget about my study too..
A month to go for FINAL WTF...

Hence i'm not so updated my blog.. since i'm become lazy and i will update my blog when i feel free and want to write something..

What the news i got? hurm.. actually i always go to this site and i get new imformation about korean news.. duh... maybe people already know about this site rite?
I just want to share it and all the news i got sometimes very2 unpredictable...
I know about DBSK sue SM Ent due to.. blah..blah.. doesn't want to talk about it..
Jaebum leave 2PM.. doesn't matter to me even i really like 2PM.. and new male group MBLAQ? what about this? New female group HAM?? I Don't Care
hahaha.. it's all in popseoul..
That site i must go every time i'm online! Spicy, Fun, Addictive.

But different for my jpop news.. still searching the site although there's been a lot blog or wordpress write about jpop.. but still lazy ha3...
I'm a bit upset b'coz so late knew about Yui new song It's All Too Much..

Yui will release new single It's All Too Much and Never Say Die in Oct.
i want to post the video but the vid will take out from youtube.
here the link for the vid It's All Too Much
If doesn't work, the vid must be take out from youtube...
I more like Never Say Die from It's All too Much.

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