Sunday, January 10, 2010

Movie: Ju-on; White Ghost and Black Ghost

This is the new movie i watched since i start new sem and first movie for 2010.
What i want to write about it? Hurm.. wandering if people want to watch this film.
I just want to watch it coz, it is from Japan hahaha..

Coz of this movie too.. for the first time i buy ticket and had to line up so far from the counter..
I watched it at Midvalley.. and it my first time watch at Mid! Waste my time!

Back to movie.. i still remember Ju-On 1 and 2, but this movie, there is a bit confusing.
The story still in the same house but the ghost..
The ghost still kill people.. but the differences is the colour of ghost...
For white ghost.. the story is ok but not for the black one..
Black ghost is about....??? I can't explain coz it give me headache... hahaha..
Maybe i don't remember well about it?

Still who want to watch it.. just go to the nearest cinema...

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