Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yui Hello for Paradise Kiss OST

Yui being a fashionista in her new Music Video..
Well because that song is for Paradise Kiss Live Action Movie...
I think she must follow like that... b4 this she not wear more than 4 pieces of clothes I think..
But in this MV she being different... I like it~

I totally really like her... she the only artist from Japan that I still follow..
It's hard to get new info about Japan artist..

Here the MV of Hello

It seem the vid is more likely is 70's theme...
The trend is like that now.. am I rite readers?

Seem I can't wait to watch Paradise Kiss Live Action because it have Mukai Osamu hahaha...
Maybe I have to wait for 3 or 6 month until it releases in Malaysia...
Hopefully it come earlier~ Enjoy!

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