Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Songs: various artist

Yeah.. i had found new japan songs.. actually it's already old T-T
But i just want to share with others..

Firstly Yuna Ito, she release new album Dream.
In this album have 12 track, new song mostly i heard right now is Ima Demo Aitai Yo feat Spontania.
I fell in love to this song coz the mv is so.. hurm.. what can i say..
The song also good. I know Yuna Ito is a ballad singer but this song.. it really in my mind.
Niceshot! Here the mv

Second is NewS. This is late but i want to post it.
NewS with new single Koi No ABO. In this single have 5 tracks.
When i first heard Koi No ABO i said, this is like 70's.. but cool dowh...
And i watch their mv and bwahahaha.. not bad. Here the mv.

Hurm.. third i wanna share about Arashi.. yes i love Arashi!
I just say love but i didn't update to their song *sad*
There are 2 new songs i hear
1. Crazy Moon (they dance in the mv)
2. Ashita No Kioku (slow song)
It's been a while i didn't know about Arashi what i know Matsujun is play a role in Smile hahaha what a shame..
Here the mv for Crazy Moon. I didn't put Ashita no Kioku coz i don't want hahaha..

Last is Yui. Ahh.. i want to be like her!!! Yes i admire her.
Actually i already post about Yui. Still song Again, op for Fullmetal Alchemist.
Yes, she HOT!!!! what can i say if i really like her..
Here the mv watch it! Actually i like the live recording version cool!

And also i currently watch Big Bang - My Heaven. What i wanna say is, why didn't i hear Heaven?
But why i hear My Heaven???

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