Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Joo Ji Hoon will do 120 hours community service.

I'm sure everybody knows what happens to Joo Ji Hoon.
When he got caught took drugs, the law will not let him go away...

As the source i got from popseoul:

The Korean justice system does not look kindly on people who do drugs.

But this is a bit ridiculous! Even someone who gets caught without a driver’s license gets a 1 million won fine and 2 years suspension of their driving privileges…..

Actor Joo Ji-hoon got slapped with a 6 month sentence, 1 year probation, 120 hours of community work and a measly 360,000 won fine (about 300 USD). The sentence was handed out this morning at 10am on June 23rd by the Seoul Central District Court. According to Korean law,a jail sentence of less than a year can be substituted as part of the mandatory military service. If the sentence was more than a year, jail time would have to served in addition to military service. So, in this case, military service is a better option than jail time.

What can i say now is.. his career will go down..

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