Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crows Zero & Crows Zero II

Crows Zero is a movie based on comic book
This movie about Takiya Genji, a newcomer to Suzuran All-Boys High School who aims to 'conquer' Suzuran. Genji makes deal with his father, if he can conquer the school, he will be allowed to succeed his father as the head of yakuza syndicate. But first, he has to defeat Serizawa Tamao, 'The King of Beast'.
Shun Oguri as Takiya Genji ( Lea
der of GPS)
Takayuki Yamada as Serizawa Genji (Leader of Serizawa Army)

Although this movie i can say it harsh for others people to watch it, but for me it's good eventhough there is no moral for fighting b'coz you want to succed
to be the head of Yakuza.

As the title: Crows Zero 2 is about Housen High School take a revenge...
Suzuran and Housen always fighting until the head of Housen, Makio died 2 years ago.
The non-aggression pact was broken by Takiya Genji.
Will Suzuran defeat Housen or otherwise?

Watch it now.. It's an intersting movie, full of fighting.
I think they will make third movie of this.

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