Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer drama in Japan...

Yes i finished watch Mr. Brain act by Takuya Kimura..
Mr. Brain, it's an interesting drama. Every episode show different case that were solved by Tsukumo and police department which is Mizushima Hiro and Kagawa Teruyuki. The guest are mostly famous person like Kame, Nakama Yuki a.k.a Yankumi, Gackt and much more.
Although this drama only have 8 episode but it's worth!

Hurm.. what can i do.. wanna watch more japanese drama but i have back to college.
Yes i had 1 week off due to H1N1 i think so.. hahaha..

If anybody want to know what drama is now showing in Japan, you can surf here Wiki Addicts
There much more drama but i don't know want to watch what drama..
I currently follow Buzzer people know Yamapi play the role..

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