Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hirai Ken

Yes, as the title.. Hirai Ken or Ken Hirai..
I didn't know why i remembering this Japanese Singer in the middle of the midnight.. there is must something wrong with me.. :p

As i remember when i start to know Hirai Ken is when i'm 16 or 17 years old i think..
The first song i heard is "Hitomi Wo Tojite" means Close your eyes....
It is a ballad songs.. nice and hurm.. ' I wish forever hitomi wo tojite kimi wo egaku yo'
After i heard that song.. i try search any song that he sing..
Then i totally in love with him.. hahahaha <3
  • Elegy
  • Kimi no Suki na Toko
  • Pop Star
  • Canvas (song for Honey and Clover drama)
  • Kimi no Su.Te.Ki
  • Fake Star
  • Boku wa Kimi ni Koi wo Suru
  • Twenty! Twenty! Twenty!
  • Kiss of Life (song for Love Revolution drama)
Here i post some of the video

Hirai Ken - Hitomi wo Tojite

Hirai Ken - Elegy
When i remember this song.. my sis and i always do the hand movement.. ;p

Hirai Ken - Pop Star
It is a funny song.. Must heard it!!

Hirai Ken - Canvas

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