Friday, October 29, 2010

New songs are coming~

Yay! there a lot new songs are coming~
I can't wait but there is no hope I can download it when it releases.. T_T

Korea norae...
Right now I currently listen to 2PM and 2AM songs..
2PM - I'll Be Back (neomu2 choa :D)
2AM - You Wouldn't Answer My Call (like it!)
I already download this 2 album but i can't post it here...*sad* not have much time..

Nihon uta...
I just get know that NEWS releases new music video along with Yui.. yeay!
Yui is back with new song but the album not releases yet..
Yui - Rain (totally love her n this song (*_*)..)
NEWS - Fghting Man

Here the video
2PM - I'll Be Back (kyaa...)

2AM - You Wouldn't Answer My Call

Yui - Rain

NEWS - Fighting Man

I didn't know if the video works or not..
If not, the video have claim by the rights..

So.. hope enjoy it!

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