Thursday, March 31, 2011

C.N Blue - First Step

What the hell just now I post about this album....
Yup.. I've been busy lately now I really2 tired haish...
This semester I got 2 project paper to finish it within 2 month and half I think..

Gosh.. back to track.. Code Name Blue... already release the first album.. First Step..
Not bad.. though the track already release through The Way single and Thank You album..
But it worth to listen back since it in korean language.. not english LoL..

1. Intuition (직감)
2. Love Girl
3. Imagine (상상)
4. I don't Know Why
5. Love In The Rain (사랑은 비를 타고)
6. Lie
7. One Time
8. Just Please
9. Wanna Be Like U
10. Ready N Go (like it~)
11. Thank You (고마워요)
12. One of a Kind

Here the video of Intuition or 직감

Sorry I didn't provide download link coz I'm busy...
Hope enjoy the song!

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