Sunday, May 22, 2011

2AM in the House~ waaa....

wow Seulong Oppa~ did U look at me hahaha....

From 18 to 21 May.. 2AM from Korea came to Malaysia for a showcase and yet.. I'm the one got to the showcase in the zone A yeay!!!
They have a packed schedule during in Malaysia.. Gosh.. totally awesome ~
They had press conference on 19 May and Baki from 8TV nite live got interview them.. hahaha jealous with him ;p

Actually I'm not a hard die fans of 2AM.. but barely known them very well coz of 2PM hehehe...
Mostly I really love Seulong and Jinwoo.. but now.. I really love them all!!! <3 <3 <3

For this showcase, I didn't think that I can go because I didn't know how to get the passess..
Until my senior tell me.. "Go buy the Saint O'Clock album then u will get the passess"
I took 1 week after my senior buy it then i got the cd.. eventually, it's my luck~
I think, i just got passess to the showcase but to the autograph sessions too~ kyaa...
For equally to my sis.. I bought for her too.. then us got to see 2AM face to face hahaha..

Passess for Showcase(yellow) and Autograph Session(blue)

The autograph session said started at 7 pm but yet coz of the traffic jam I think.. 2AM reached the venue late around 8PM.
It just a autograph session, and the fans can't shake hand with them.. :(

Autograph session started

But for me, it's different. My sis and I thought can sign in any page of the booklet but nope :(
The Digi said coz of the 2AM management, only can sign on the board of the casing of cd.. and yet we didn't bought it to the venue ;(
After we beg to the Digi representative and others.. then we got the autograph on POSTER!!!

When they sign our poster, we got to saw their face close to us.. hahaha.. can't forgot that moment!!
Mostly they are handsome, good looking, and different from the photos :p

In Wisma MCA before the showcase started with from left my senior, me and my Unnie.

The next day was their showcase which was on 21st May at Wisma MCA Ampang.
The showcase started at 6PM and I arrived at the placed around 5 o'clock, then the fans were already lined up for the showcase and I'm late~
In the showcase, they only sang 5 songs which are, Never let u Go if I die, I was Wrong, U didn't answer my call, Like Crazy, This Song and Confession of a friends.

Seulong part, didn't know what song he sang hehehe...

Even only that, I barely satisfied with them even I got heartbroke hahahaha...
All the fans also congratulate to 3 of the members who celebrate their birhtday in May, Seulong, Jinwoo and Changmin.
I can't forget what Changmin said when he tried to eat the bridge of the cake, " I try to eat the bridge but it made from plastic" it made the fans in Wisma laugh... hahaha

The time Changmin tried to ate the bridge

Overall, I'm really satisfied and more love them then before...
I hope 2AM will come again to Malaysia and do a concerts here with 2PM~

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