Thursday, November 3, 2011

Paradise Kiss The Movie

Afternoon readers~
Yay... At last.. I got what I want....
I've been waiting for this movie.. then I got it!

Paradise Kiss The Movie... 1 of the movie I wait~
I think many people know what the story about...
But for those who didn't know I will explain the story..

Paradise Kiss is about an atelier, where George, Arashi, Miwako and Isabella do their work which is making clothes..
Yukari was found by Arashi for their graduation model, for the first time Yukari refuse...
As on going... Yukari like the job being a model..
Yukari actually like a puppet for her mother which is all the life was plan by her mother..
Her mother want her study in prestigious school and get a good result..
Then when Yukari meets with George, everything changes...

Keiko Kitagawa as Yukari Hayasaka
Mukai Osamu as George Koizumi
 Aya Osama as Miwako Sawada

I think this movie is a good adaption from the comic...
Even though I want more hehehe for the story..
I also watch the anime and I really like it!
But for the movie is brilliant for the ending like that..
Not like in the anime..
Who want to knows what happen in the movie..
Can watch online here - Paradise Kiss

Also I give link for download the movie..
It provide with eng subtitles here  - Paradise Kiss Part 1 / Part 2
I got the movie credit to doramax264

Also I give link for the OST...
Song by YUI - Hello

Here the full single
1. Hello~
3. It's My Life -Acoustic Version-
4. Hello ~Instrumental~

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