Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Long Journey in 2011~

Assalamualaikum n Hello~
Gosh.. actually I a little bit didn't notice that 2012 are coming...
I doesn't have any interest about 2012.. just like the day passed through like the others day..
I just wanna take a break and waiting for my deg application status...
I'm hoping that I will further my studies in deg.. and don't want to waste time more..

2011... there were full of sadness and laughter..
I didn't have any regrets about what happen in 2011 but there 1 things I regrets.. which is ..
I regret coz.. I can't graduate with my friends, then I had to studies for 1 paper for 4 or 5 month..
Wasted my money and time T-T..
As muslim... I shouldn't regrets with what happen to ours life..
As in Malay.. Ada Hikmah Disebalik Yang Terjadi... 
Maybe Allah want to test us.. If we were do all the Ibadah or not..
I do regrets but in same time.. I thanks to Allah coz give me different path in my life..

2011 give me strength, experience, sadness, laughter and many more..
Strength - I had to face my family, lecturers and friends about my failure..
Experience- Had different fields of working (sales promoter, cashier and as daily part-time worker at Statistics Dept)
Sadness - Didn't have a chance to watch 2PM concerts and also about my fail paper..
Laughter - The time I had with my family, friends and my interest...

I hope that 2012 more better than 2011..
Happy New Year 2012!!!!

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