Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Drama.. Drama.. and Korean Drama~

Assalamualaikum n Morning to bloggers and readers...
For a month I didn't post anything in this blog.. 
Not because I'm busy but I'm lazy hahaha...

Ok my drama list is getting longer and longer...
I currently followed
- The Moon That Embraces The Sun
- Wild Romance
- Dream High
-The Vampire Diaries S3
- Once Upon A Time
- Vanilla Coklat
- Boku to Star No 99 Nichi
- Lucky Seven

Just finished
- Glory Jane a.k.a Man of Honor (Ok for me.. but no so interesting but I do like Park Min Young)
- Princess Man (Great drama even the plot are about joseon I think, totally love Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won)

For Princess Man is currently air on Malaysian broadcasting televison (RTM 2 on 5PM) and gonna finish it soon..
I do really like the drama even for me it is like more dramatic, emotional, heavy and sometimes bored.. But it really interesting!
Also I really like the OST sang by Queen ost Baek Ji Young.

Glory Jane or Man Of Honor.. hurm what can I say about this drama.. It just ok for me..
Having same storyline like others korean drama.. about people who greedy about others wealth and wiling to kill even best friend..
This drama is first korean drama (I think) I watched about baseball.
I watched because of Park Min Young and then I realised that Lee Jong Woo is Eunjung husband in We Got married and I like him!

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