Sunday, February 26, 2012

[Drama] Wild Romance a.k.a Aggressive Romance

Yeah~ Hello bloggers n readers..
I just finish watching this drama.. totally like it!
Eventhough this drama can't beat The Moon That Embraces The Sun rating.. but I really love it~
Who didn't watch it you can follow on KBS World.. still airing...

Wild Romance 
Lee Dong Wook as Park Mu Yeol (My Girl & Scent Of Women)
Lee Si Young as Yoo Eun Jae (Playfull Kiss)
Jessica from Girl's Generation as Kang Jeong Hui

This drama is about Eun Jae becomes Park Mu Yeol bodyguard. It's start when Eun jae celebrate her dad birthday at 'Noreabang' a.k.a places for karaoke when she met Mu Yeol.
Mu Yeol is 'Red Dreamers' baseball player and Eun Jae whole family is a fan of Blue Seagulls (I didn't know anything about baseball except you had to swing a bat and hit the ball hahaha..)
Eun Jae start as Mu Yeol bodyguard b'coz of a video which it humiliated Mu Yeol as a baseball player..
It's not end as they got into lovey dovey plot.. but there is another plot...
It is about Park Mu Yeol..
I typed this according what have I watched....
In this drama I like the love line between Kim Dong A and Manager Kim.. I don't know but I feel so sweet about both of them.. Like two nerds falling in love and didn't know what step to take..

Actually I didn't want to follow this drama but when I saw Lee Dong Wook totally I like it..
Yes, before this I watched him in Scent of a Woman and I mesmerised by him..
And I don't like Jeong Hui character coz I really don't like Jessica (not because I'm jealous her with Teac Yeon hahaha.. just I don't like her about being lazy, gedik in malay I didn't now how to translate it )
I don't like her with Mu Yeol hahaha...
Almost I fell for Mu Yeol.. totally who not like Lee Dong Wook? Even my sis before this didn't like him and fell for him just from Scent of a Woman..
I wish I had been meet with him.. how so lucky hahaha :p

For those who didn't watch it yet, you can watch it on KBS world every wednesday and thursday on 9pm.
Also there were lot of site provides the korean drama..

Enjoyed it!

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