Wednesday, March 20, 2013

23rd It Just A Number

Assalamualaikum readers~
Yes, I always update my blog in the middle of night hahaha..
As title, I already celebrate my 23 birthday..
And it just a number to mark how long have I live in this world...
And I really thank to Allah for give me the chance to live, see, breathe and others.
As I grow to be an adult, there is a lot I need to learn..
if I fail, I need to stand up and do well in life, never look back..

Also I want to thank to my family that raise me for the 23 years...
They are my strength to live in this world, without them, maybe I'm not here..

Life sometimes up and down..
When you up in the sky, remember to thanks to those who help you to be up..
And when you down, don't put a blame to others, It yourself to improve not others..
Think, your not alone in this world..
Like me, I always think that Allah is always besides me when I'm away from my family..
Don't forget your friend too, they can help you when you need one :D

Last word from me, Love yourself first, then others will love you back...

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