Monday, March 11, 2013

2AM and Lee Hi

Assalamualaikum, 안녕하세요, hello..
I post this new entry in the middle of night..
I'm back to post about K-pop again....

Yeah, I'm a fan of 2AM hurmm not so hard fan... but I really LOVE their songs..
I'm not a ballad genre, but 2AM give a harmonise sound and totally sweet..
I wanna complaint a small matter, but for me it is like a huge..
The things is, the number of views in youtube make me frustrated..
Here I didn't want to start a war or what.. but...

We know 2AM is a senior in the industry compare to Lee Hi but why?
Ok I get it, Lee Hi is a new generation in the industry and 2AM is middle and Shinhwa mostly evergreen generation?(what about shinhwa.. off topic)
Or the genre they carry make the number of view like that..
2AM - 5 days releases mv = 200 thousand viewers
Lee Hi - 3 days releases mv = 1 million
I think youtube is doing something about this views hahaha..

On the other hand, maybe JYPE / Big Hit E doesn't have enough promotion for their artist maybe..
Like Lee Hi comeback, they put a giant bear balloons at the building then people can see it!
Here I'm not a so fan to Lee Hi or what, but a 16 year old girl have such amazing talents..
Also, compare to the girls from JYPE again 15AND
I do prefer 15AND more than Lee Hi..
But nevermind.. I should respect my local music..

Here is the mv of 2AM - One Spring Day

This is Lee Hi - It's Over

Also a bonus 15AND - I Dream

Hope readers enjoy!
Last word for me, sokonglah industri muzik Malaysia!

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