Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Miss Them SO MUCH!!!

Hurm... still boring at home.. nothing much to do just sit in front the comp or watch tv with the same programs. I already forget about my fav band from korea, F.T Island.. then when i watch their songs Heaven , i saw Hong Ki dance Nobody and he crossdressing as yeoja (girl @ woman) 

i didn't know who was dance first, then Hong Ki dance together. I can't say no when he look like a girl, yes he look pretty in crossdress.
This the other vid that i see, he sing after love and love sick. Kangin talks about his legs, yes pretty much, i want legs like that too..but i'm not that tall.

After see this vid, i remember back last year i really-really love F.T Island but for this year i already foget about them..
yes i really love them all, Jong hun, Won Bin, Jae jin n Min Hwan AH~.... got to see them back is like a year didn't watch them i really miss them.

Sarangalle (Love Sick)

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