Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just update...

Yup.. actually I want to share some of the song and movie for the year 2010..
But I do not make any list from it.. so I just randomly update to fill my times hahaha...

Hurm.. I think some of u out there knows the song that I will post here..
Not so new or so old.. but one of them are really new release..

First is Beast.. not all the members.. It's only Doojoon & Dongwoon
I really like the song compare to others unit..
It have Yoseob & Junhyung sang 'Thanks To'
Hyunseung & Kikwang sang 'Let It Snow'
Here I give the video performance of Doojoon & Dongwoon..

Doojoon & Dongwoon - 'When The Door Closes'

Not only Beast.. here IU comes...
I'm not a fans of IU but I know little of her songs like Marshmallow..
Then I really love the song when she duet with Seulong 2AM named ' Nagging / Jansori'
But I'm not to post Nagging otherwise her new song.. not so new..

IU - Good Day

parrot says - Saranghaeyo.. Oppa~
I just like this song..

The new song is from... MBLAQ!!!
Yea.. they just releases new song 'CRY'
Hurm.. nothing much.. maybe I will like it later..hehehe.


Hope readers will like it~
And just for information..
Since I'm back to college.. link for mp3 download I will not provide
or if I update at home... I will give some of the link..

Enjoy it!!!

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