Thursday, January 13, 2011


Ahaha~ 5 charming, handsome and bla..bla.. guy are back yeah!!! Oh yeah..Oh yeah..
In the evening with heavily rain outside my hostel.. I write about them..
Yes.. Joon, Mir, Cheondung, Seungho and G.O are back with the 1st album named BLAQ Style..
I actually know them since Rain told about them.. I'm a fan of Rain.. and now I'm a fan of MBLAQ.. hehehe...
I just finished their Idol Army.. and it is fun! Thanks to my friend coz of him.. I watch Army Idol - MBLAQ :D
Opss.. out of topic.. BLAQ Style.. hurm what can I say about this album..
It have 13 track song.. It include Oh Yeah and Y single...
They already releases music video from this album.. 2 songs~
First release is Cry then follow by Stay...

Track in the BLAQ Style:
01 Sad Memorise (Intro)
02 Stay
03 Cry
04 그대여
05 버린다
06 녹
07 Tonight
08 이러지 않았으면 해
09 You`re my +
10 Rolling U
11 Oh Yeah (C-Luv & Blue Magic Remix)
12 Y (JR Groove Remix)
13 또 다른 시작 (Outro)

Gosh.. I already like and love Stay song..
Here i give video too...

In this video.. they look so charming.. gosh I totally love this song..
They look like bad guy (nappeun namja)

After I hear it repeated.. I like the song..

Owh.. I can't take my eyes off from Joon and Seungho.. They so HOT!!!
G.O since he shaved his mustache.. he looks more..more.. cute from Oh Yeah....
Mir and Cheondung.. not look cute for these 2 vid.. but they became like more manly.. from my view :p
As usual.. hope you'll enjoy!

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