Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mid Term yey!

Hello readers~
It's been a week I didn't update my blog..
I'm so busy since mid term are coming.. n I will free for a week coz Holiday for Chinese New Year..
Lately.. I really got into Secret Garden drama.. then.. I back to track.. Dream High~ Ahaha...
I've been following until ep7 now.. gosh much much intersting...
Love IU and Wooyoung couple.. They're so cute.. fun n lovely..
I hope this drama I can watch until the end and not delayed it coz of my study :p

Since I have a week.. then I try to upload some of the mp3 I had..
Firstly.. I try to upload some of the Secret Garden OST like Baek Ji Young.. Hyun Bin.. 4Men.. and Yoon Sang Hyun aka Oska.. Love the OST.. Most like is Beak Ji Young and 4Men...

The past 2 days.. I just know that Yui is release new single.. The single are It's My Life (like Bonjovi song larr) and My Heaven ( I think larr)
It's My Life is different from what I hear from Yui... Yup it is really different from the song then to the music video..
Later I will upload the song and give the mv..
Hepi holidays readers~ :p

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