Sunday, April 29, 2012

Midsem of Bachelor Student~

Haa.. I gonna back to Arau... Midsem break going end soon..

For this midsem break barely I just stay put at home..
Got watched 1 movie coz of my sis want to watch it and I didn't have friend to ask for hangout..
Most my friend not in the break.. Barely some of my friend but... nevermind..

Since I'm at home most of time.. I managed to download several new episode of korean drama.. YES!
Currently managed to watch are Love Rain and The King 2 Heart..
Both drama are interesting.. also I'm done to download Rooftop Prince to the newest ep..
I know most of kpop fans also watching same drama with me..

For Love Rain, firstly is kind of boring and I fell asleep while watching the beginning ep..
The first is about Inha and Yeonhee..
Then it's getting better after Joon meet with Hana..
I gonna watch till it end and will they love for each other like their parents?

I really like this song

The King 2 Heart... unexpected drama I think..
Every new ep I can't wait.. like I wanna know what will be to both Hang Ah and  Jae Ha
It set between North and South Korea.. but it just a drama..

Also I wanna share a story of mine..while I in this break..
Most of my time were at home, and I help my mom to take care my grandma..
Firstly, I think I can't take care her coz I wanna go out then who will look for her..
Then after a week, I think it not a excuse to escapes form the responsibilities...
In one week I just need to look after her, and I'm not having hard time like to take care my niece hehe..

There are morale in there..
We should appreciate our elders than anyone..
The elders just need some of our love, attention
When they not in this world anymore will we see them again?
One day we will see them but in hereafter...

It just a story of mine..
By the way nite who ever reading this.. adios~

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