Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shinhwa The Legendary Idol~

Morning readers n bloggers...
I just lend some of my time typing this entry..
My eyes can't hold anymore but.. there is a story I want to share..
This time is about The Legendary Idol who make comeback on March..
There is none other SHINHWA!!!!

Most of the k-pop fans knows about them.. but are they really know them?
For korean person, totally know who they are..
For me, I not familliar with them except Eric and Dong Wan..
For others, I just know their name :p
True, coz I'm not a hard fans of Shinhwa but I barely remember them..

Actually I know this group from the member itself which is Eric..
He is like Rain a.k.a Bi, coz I know Rain from Full House and later then knowing him a singer...
Same with Eric, there is a time where a channel at Malaysia airing Super Rookie..
I'm immersed with the drama and my brother also watching this drama..
After or before it finished, I try to find the name of the actor and I found Eric...
Also that time, just read from the profile I know he is a rapper of a boy band named Shinhwa..

All of those are memories.. and flying back at once I heard the name Shinhwa..
Even before this k-pop not so well known, but I know this band...
I think I know them 4 or 5 years ago when Super Rookie is airing.. 

Here are some of the mv or the song I can remember I like..

Brand New

Once In a Lifetime

Here is the comeback song

Enjoy it readers!!

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