Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Randomize songs [MP3 Download]

Yup.. I upload some of the song.. and random pick to post it here...
Much of the song are already upload everywhere.. but I didn't have any song yet..
So I upload it here...

First is from BEAST kyaa!!! I start to like them from song Soom..
Single of My Story.. Tracklist

Then it is MBLAQ.. Oh Yeah..Oh Yeah..
Full album Blaq Style.. I just give 2 song from that album
- Cry

Who like the drama Secret Garden??? Me.. Me.. Me..
Ahaha... Just what I like.. I upload and post it here..
Gosh.. love the drama :D

Yes.. Yui is back.. It is nearly 3 months since single Rain released..
I didn't get bored from Yui..
This new single.. It is different from the previous song...
Maybe it a little same like CHE.R.RY coz the song is catchy and the video is colourful..

Here I post too the video Yui - Its My Life

It is very different from the other song that produce by Yui.. Yui Rockzz.. hehehe

Hope readers like it..

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