Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Life~

Right now it's 1 A.M in the mornink.. yet I'm still awake and type this which is not necessarily thing in my life :-p
I just want to share my though in this few days since.. I think I will not update my blog recently...
Argh!!! my studies is important for me but.. what have I done? I always play around and not focus in my studies...
Gosh.. now already in February, my exam in April.. what I'm gonna do??
I have to speed up my study but.... will I have enough time to make it?
I can do it.. Go Go Go.. Ganbate kudasai Naq~ Hwaiting!! hahahaha...

Yup I must focus in my study.. but how can I focus since I really like to watch drama..
Online facebook, playing cityville at facebook, hear music owh... so many things I like to do but no to book WHAT? BOOK? Man.. I really should love book but when I start to read it... huargh.. I'm yawning coz of the book.. not for mathematical books..
Yes.. this last semester.. my subject full of reading material.. counting? not more than 20%?
Why must best drama is now airing? Such as Dream High, My Princess and mostly.. Vampire Diaries.. I can't wait to watch new episode of them.. how I will study with my brain full of these drama? I must always close my laptop or get rid from my sight.. gulp.. NOOO!!!
It is my life~ I can't live without comp or laptop.. do I? maybe not less 3 Day..

But I know.. whatever I do.. there will be a way to get it..
Like the Song InsyaAllah from Maher Zain
"InsyaAllah you'll find your way"
I just need to hardwork in order to get what I want... Then Allah will lead me.. InsyaAllah~ Amin~
Here just to give me the strength..

Enjoy it!

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