Friday, July 22, 2011

[Drama] You Fallen For Me

How about this drama anyone? Have you all follow this drama?
I'm for sure.. always follow korean drama.. I'm not sure this drama give a big hit than You're Beautiful..

You Fallen for Me or Heartstrings
Yong Jung Hwa ( You're Beautiful)
Park Shin Hye (You're Beautiful)
This drama is about Lee Shin(Yong Hwa) a student of Modern Music department and Lee Gyu Won(Shin Hye) a student of Traditional Music Department..
Different music made them meets.. what will happen to both of them?

I found that this drama line is quite interesting...
Hope this drama not like a typical korean drama..
For the start is ok but not for the ending... like Lie to me...

For this drama.. I like character play by Min Hyuk CN Blue, he looks very cute..
Also Oh Won Bin ex- FT Island kyaaa...

Enjoy watching readers~

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