Thursday, July 21, 2011

[Song] Miss A - A Class Album

Yess.... Miss A back with full album..
Jype artist are likely to compete with others.. First 2PM then this Miss A..
Both I like!! also with 2AM~ kyyaaa...

Back to the story...
Miss A full album consists of 13 songs.. With 5 new songs..

4. Break It
6. Play The Music DJ (그 음악을 틀어줘요 DJ)
7. Step Up
8. Breathe
9. Are You Dazed (멍하니)
10. Love Again (다시 사랑)
12. Bad Girl Good Girl

Here the MV for Good-bye Baby

I really like the song... it really like Miss A

Here also I give a video of Love Alone.. really love it~

Download link provided at the track list..  certain song I uploaded
For song that already released I not upload again.. find at other site..
Enjoy readers~

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