Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day in 2010.. Welcome 2011..

I didn't thought that.. It already come.. the last day of 2010..
Gosh.. time flies by also the number is increasing~
For me this year full of sadness and happiness..
I learn something important in my life.. something that can't change me.. Is MYSELF~
Also this year.. I travel a lot (although still in Malaysia) but it is interesting..
From North to South.. then West to East.. hahaha..

New year.. people always talk about determination for next year..
But for me.. as the last post i already said it.. so i don't want to repeat it..

Next week my class will start.. I hope fully that I can get the better result than this semester..
Hurm.. gonna back to college.. Feel lazy.. doesn't want to study.. only want to sit in front of comp..
Oh God please help me.. Don't make me feel bad to myself..

Last but not least.. wanna say Happy New Year.. in case i can't update my blog on the New Year..
Have a nice year everyone~

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