Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leave me alone!

Gosh.. totally most of my time is in front of computer...
But this is the way I like~ just sit down in front of desk comp..
watch video from youtube.. watching drama.. increase my spec power..

Sometimes there little things that annoyed me while I'm using it..
Speaker of my comp.. only the right speaker can use..
I forget to buy the new one of the wire..
Others people want to use it too.. eventhough I had my own laptop..
But I can't online there.. huhuhu what a waste...

Why can't I just do my things without been disturb by anyone?
At home I always do the chore without hesitation.. though..
Then I get scold from elder.. but.. it's nothing much.. still I can accept it..
Yeah.. mostly i really like to stay at my hostel..
But sometimes I just wanna go back home when I at hostel..
Because.. at hostel.. I have to spend my money to live..

Am I too selfish to others?

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